working hours : 7.00 am to 6.00 pm. Sundays : 8.00 am to 11.30 am.                                                                                                                                                                                                          NABH & ISO Certified Medical Laboratory                                                                                                          Quality control Standardised by CMC, Vellore & Bio-Rad International (USA)                                                                                                          In Tradition of Diagnostics Since 1981                                                                                                         

Our Profile 

Chembakassery is one of the leading Medical Diagnostic Centers in this district Since 1981 with5500 Sq. feet area. In this center , facilities are available for doing almost all investigations of X-RAY, LAB, ECG & SCANNING including Culture tests, Thyroid Tests, PSA, Vit D ,ca-125,CEA,FSH,LH,,PROLACTIN,TESTO,B-HCG,AMH,etc...

We thankfully remember your valuable suggestions, patronage and support during every step of our developments. Kindly continue your support to help us deliver the “state -of- the- art laboratory service” in this district.

                                                        FACILITIES AVAILABLE WITH US

* 5500 sq. feet fully automated LAB, Computerized X-Ray Radiography (Digital X-Ray), Ultra Sound & Colour Doppler Scan with Radiologist,Pathologist,Biochemist,Microbiologist and Professionally qualified experts.

* Biochemistry & Hormones standardised by CMC Vellore.

* Hemetology standardised by BIO-RAD international agency.

* NABH certified medical Laboratory. 

* More over an institution run by a “Team of Dedicated Professionals.

* Top Ranking in External Quality Control Programmes.

* Lab opens @ 7.00 AM for the convenience of fasting patients.(Sundays Holidays)

* Fully air conditioned lab, ample car parking & waiting 


                                               MANAGEMENT & TECHNICAL ADVISORS

                    BENNY THOMAS CHEMBAKASSERY  (Managing Director & CEO)

                                             (Formerly, Co-op Hospital, Manalur, thrissur )

                                 Mrs. MEREENA BENNY    DMLT (CMAI)

                                            (Formerly Jubilee Mission Hospital, Thrissur)

                                           Mr. BONNY BENNY CHEMBAKASSERY  BSc (MLT) ,MSc (MLT) Amrita

                                                 (Medical Technologist & Managing Partner)

                                   DR.. BLOOM BENNY CYRIL  MBBS.MD (Path)

                                                      (Govt. Medical college,Trissur.)

                                                              (Pathology Consultant)

                          BLOSSOM BENNY SAM    BSc (MLT) MSc (Medical Biogenetics)

                                             (Technical Adisor)

                                                  (Christian Medical College, Vellore)


                                                                                           WORKING TECHNOLOGISTS

                                                             Jeen K Joseph BSc (Chem) MSc(Micro)


                                                                Raphy E.V  BSc DMLT

                                                                Formerly Govt .Medical College,Trissur.

                                                                              (Bio chemist)

                                                                  Bindhu Johnson DMLT (CMAI)

                                                                      Jolly Jose DMLT (CMAI)

                                                                   CONSULTANT DOCTORS:   Dr.  A.N. Regi George MBBS;MD;DMRD (Radiology)

                                                                                                             Dr. Bavin  I,B,  MBBS;MD (Radiology)

                                                                                                             Dr. Gokul .G.  MBBS;MD (Pathology)

                                                                                                             Dr. Sruthi Suresh  MBBS;MD;DNB (Pathology)

                                                                                                             Dr. Thrudeep Sagar  MBBS;MD;DM;AFSEC'FACC (Cardiology)

                                                                                                            Dr. Peter Alapatt MBBS;MS;MCh;FMAS (Urology)


                                              You deserve better,

                                              We deliver “the best”....


                                                              Best of the Instruments,

                                                              Best of the Technologies,

                                                              Best of the Reagents,

                                                              Best of the Procedures,

                                                               Highly Focused Management & Technologists gives…

                                                     “Best of the Quality”